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Children’s Activities

Children’s Ministries!

Lifeway Chapel, our community, all love children!  We all have a desire to see them committing their lives to the Lord.

At first glance, it may seem that the Children’s Ministry at Lifeway Chapel is all about “fun”!  But, having fun doesn’t mean we leave out the gospel message.  It means that we enjoy the time we spend together while sharing the truth of God’s Word!

Those serving in the Children’s Ministry come from every age group:  From teenagers to Keenagers!  Even some of the older children are involved!  (Singing, cheering and playing with the kids has a way of making everyone feel a little younger!)

In addition to our regular weekly services and activities for our children, Lifeway Chapel also offers various special events throughout the year!  Vacation Bible School, Royal Rangers,  Ignite, Girls Club and the occasional outings, like ice skating and Christmas decoration tours, are just some examples!

Girl’s Club!

With so many activities for the boys, we thought… “hey, what about the girls?”.  Children at this age are more comfortable being with their own.  “Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls”.  So, we have created some great groups just for our girls!

Daisies:  For the Kindergartners

To find out more about our Children’s Ministries contact the church or Pastor Josh Russell!


Our preschoolers range from ages 3 to 5.  On Sunday mornings, after worship and singing, they are dismissed to go to Tot’s Church!

Rainbows:  Boys and Girls from the ages of 3 -4 start


Lifeway Chapel also has a Nursery for ages 0 to 3!  The nursery is available on Sunday mornings at 11:45 a.m.  (All children stay in the sanctuary with the adults during worship and singing!).

Children’s Church and Nursery:  Sunday mornings at 11:45 a.m.

Activities for All Children (Nursery too!):  Every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.

**Nursery may also be available during certain special events!**

The girls club is broken down into:

Rainbows: 3-4 yr old boys & girls

The rest are only for girls

Daisies: Kindergarten

Prims: 1st & 2nd grade

Stars:  3rd – 5th grade

Friends: 6th – 8th grade


The girls participate in the Rangers Pinewood Derby races too. Here is a pic of a Rainbow boy and a Prim girl with trophies.

The royal Ranger brochure probably mentioned the Pinewood Derby Races in the spring.

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